Finmasi is a Group of service and industrial companies, founded and developed by Marcello Masi, starting from 1961. 

Marcello Masi, driving figure who still is the reference point of the Group, is an industrialist with bolognese origins, who started his industrial activity in the territory of Modena, that, over the years, has become the point of reference for the activities of the Group. 

Marcello Masi is a first-generation industrialist, who always dedicate himself, with constant commitment and passion, and excellent results in developing not only his companies, but also the entrepreneurial activity in general. He is one of all those who, starting from a state of proud and dignified poverty, typical of Italian society in that historical period, with a lot of initiative, courage and entrepreneurial spirit, knew how to create wealth for his companies and for everybody who collaborate in and for them. 

Birthplace of the Group has been the steel industry, first entrepreneurial love of Marcello Masi. Over the years, with acquisitions and incorporations of new companies, the Group has expanded its entrepreneurial horizons to the electronics industry and to the hotel industry

Finmasi Group is, afterwards, a point of reference which is looking at the globalisation and the international entrepreneurial development, expanding itself beyond the italian borders, both in Europe and in the new emergent markets. 

Germany, France, Spain and China are the countries in which a variegated industrial reality, always attentive to the market changes and opportunities that he offers, is deep-rooted. 

Consecutively, we report a chronological synthesis of the formation' stages of Finmasi Group:

· The holding is Finmasi S.p.A., situated in Modena (Italy), founded in 1996.

· 1961: establishment of Metalsider S.p.A., Steel Service Centre, founded in Modena and situated in the docks of Ravenna (Italy) since 1971.

· 1984: establishment of Sidermed S.p.A., Steel Service Centre, situated in the province of Bologna (Italy), in Mordano di Imola.

· 1985: establishment of Hotel Executive s.r.l., which manages a four stars hotel in the ceramic district, in the province of Modena, precisely in Fiorano Modenese (Italy).

· 1995: acquisition of the company M.D. Micro Detectors S.p.A., founded in 1971 and specialized in the production of industrial sensors. The company is situated in Modena (Italy). 

Starting from 1991 M.D. has a branch in the spanish territory: Diell Iberica SA, located in Barcelona.

· 1995-1998: acquisition of the company Laier s.r.l., located in Modena (Italy) and, after that, acquisition of the company Cistel s.r.l., located in Genova (Italy).

Merger of the two companies and creation of Cistelaier S.p.A., specialized in the production of high technology' PCB, which maintains the two productive sites of both Genova and Modena, where is located its Registered office. 

· 2011: acquisition of the french company Techci Rhone Alpes SA, specialized in the production of high technology' printed circuits and located in Genix sur Guiers (73), Za du Truison, (France).

· 2019: acquisition of the german company EPN Electroprint EPN, specialized in the production of printed circuits and located in Neustadt an der Orla, (Germany).